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How much is POP Slim? POP Dildo? POP ‘n’ Play?

This includes 3 replacement tubes and tips. Additional tubes and syringes can be purchased separately. 


What is a Large Bulb? 

The Large Bulb is for those looking to squirt a much larger amount of fluid than the included syringe will provide. The Large Bulb can hold up to 22 oz. of fluid and is available for purchase separately.      


What is a Refill Kit? 

The Refill Kit includes:

  • 3 Replacement Tubes
  • 3 Replacement Tips
  • 1 Syringe
  • Cost of the refill kit is $45.00

What color options are the POP products available in? 


What size/dimensions are POP Slim? POP Dildo? POP ‘n’ Play? 

For POP Slim:  

  • Total Length: 6 inches 
  • Insertable Length: 5.5 inches 
  • Width/Diameter: 1 inches
  • Circumference: 3.5 inches 


For POP Dildo:  

  • Total Length: 7.25 inches 
  • Insertable Length: 6.5 inches 
  • Width/Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.5 inches 


For POP ‘n’ Play:  

  • Total Length: 5 inches 
  • Insertable Length: 4 inches 
  • Width/Diameter: 1.25 inches
  • Circumference: 3.75 inches 


How do I clean my POP product?



Are there any liquid or specimens included?  

No, POP products do not provide any liquids or specimens. We are happy to make recommendations, but there are no liquids included.  


What liquids or lubricants can I use in POP Dildo?   

We love our sperm-friendly water-based POP Lube by Tantus or our hybrid POP Lube by Tantus which looks realistically like semen. Most liquids can be put inside POP products, although we do not recommend putting any foreign substances into the vaginal or anal cavity. Please note that some lubricants can be toxic to certain liquids, like sperm. For recommendations on what lubricants are safe, please email customer service at support@popdildo.com. If you wish to make your own fake cum, here is a link to a recipe: http://howtorevenge.com/articles/make-fake-semen/. You may also find that certain liquids will not work as well to mimic ejaculation. 


Can I use POP without the tubing inserted inside of it and/or without the syringe attached? 

Yes. If you wish to use POP simply as a strap-on, that is fine. Please be careful to follow the protocol for cleaning POP before using it again.  


Are there any toxic materials in POP products?  

No. POP products are proudly manufactured in the USA. There are no phthalates or toxic materials in the toy. POP is made with Tantus medical-grade silicone, and therefore, no latex is used and any colors used in the toys are FDA food grade. All toys are quality control tested, inspected, and sanitized. 

How should I obtain a specimen to use in POP?   

POP Dildo does not include any liquids or specimens in our product. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain whatever liquids or specimens they wish to use with the toy. We recommend that you take ALL necessary precautions, including legal and health related, before using any specimen in POP products. Tantus Inc. and any other associated affiliates are not responsible for any decisions made regarding specimens used in the product. Using specimens that have not been properly screened and tested beforehand can be very dangerous and can lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Please use all necessary precautions.   


What is the return policy and is there a product warranty? 

We cannot accept any toys that have been opened for safety purposes. If the seal on the package is broken, then the toy cannot be returned. We do offer a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase on the toy. This warranty covers any defect or malfunction of the toy not from normal wear and tear. If the toy breaks due to misuse or overuse, a refund will not be given. If the toy is faulty due to a manufacturing issue, we will first try our hardest to fix the toy and if the toy cannot be fixed, we will replace it with a new one.