Masturbation May!

Masturbation May!

Masturbation May!

It’s gonna be May! Time is literally FLYING by. I cannot believe it is already May! And what a month it is. May is known as the month of masturbation, however, who agrees that masturbation should be celebrated every month, week, and day? There have long been many taboos when talking about masturbation. Many experience feelings of shame or discomfort in talking about something that is so natural and healthy. We need to break down those stigmas and normalize masturbation! 

I frequently get asked about the best sex toys for self exploration, specifically for lesbians. To be honest, my first answer is always YOURSELF! The absolute best way to explore your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs is on your own! Your hands are the most incredible tools. You have the ability to touch, tease, taste, tickle, and try ANYTHING all at your own pace. With your hands, you are in full and complete control which is often something people struggle with. Behind closed doors on your own, you can be completely vulnerable and truly let yourself go. Take these opportunities not only to touch yourself but see yourself as well. Masturbation doesn’t have to solely revolve around climaxing (although that is wonderful). It’s truly about becoming comfortable in your body and skin and letting go of all of the insecurities you may feel. Once you become comfortable with your own body and are able to pleasure yourself, you will start to discover the things you want more of. Perhaps that is vibration, pulsating, penetration—the sky’s the limit. Very recently, POP launched a new section of our website called POP Picks. I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on all of the products you will see included in the POP Picks and have personally tried them all. There were many toys that did not make my personal picks but these ones have been curated by me for YOU! I think they are not only fantastic on their own but are very complementary to the POP Dildo line.


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Let me highlight a few toys for you that I think play very well with POP and will be a great start in your May masturbation journey! 

First off, you may think a cock ring is just for penis owners. However, cock rings that vibrate can be used on dildos that don’t vibrate to add a little bit of buzz to your pleasure. Which is why I love the Tantus Vibrating Soft C-Ring. Attach this cock ring to the shaft of POP Dildo and, voila, you now have a vibrating squirting dildo! The vibration adds another dimension of pleasure to POP that is incredible for both the wearer and receiver. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Speaking of things that vibrate, there are SO many vibrators, wands, and pulsators that it’s hard to choose the best. I give you a shorter list of some of my personal favs in all price ranges and types here. I have to say, my go-to is the Womanizer. While I loathe the name of the product, it was the first product on the market to introduce the air pulse technology and this product DELIVERS. I am a mom on the go and don’t often have a lot of “me” time.


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With the Womanizer, I can guarantee myself a fulfilling and satisfying O in a very short amount of time. Now, this isn’t always what you want. Of course, most want that feeling of pleasure to last as long as possible, and the Womanizer can do that as well, but if you are looking for something that will, hands down, get you off, this one works every time for me. The pulsating technology that is now widely found is, in general, pretty awesome. It very much mimics oral stimulation for vagina owners and if you are new to oral sex, this is a great way to test the waters. Don’t forget to use lube!  

I would also urge people to explore things they might be hesitant about, like butt stuff! Start slow but don’t be afraid to “go there.” The anus is loaded with tons of sensory nerves that can also take your pleasure to the next level. You can begin to explore with your fingers and progress from there. Lube is extremely important when exploring the backside, so have plenty of it ready.  Once you realize how much the butt can enhance pleasure, you will be hooked. There are also lots of beginner anal play sets to try. One of my favorites is The Doc Johnson In a Bag Anal Trainer Set. It’s not for everyone, but if you have ever thought about it, don’t hesitate!


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The options are really limitless when it comes to toys, your hands, and masturbation. Once you get comfortable with toys on your own, perhaps then it’s time to start exploring with your partner/partners! One thing I don’t think gets enough attention is mutual masturbation. Another totally taboo act but think about how exciting and erotic it would be to watch your partner pleasure themselves! Take notes people! This is where you can really learn a thing or two about your partner. And how hot is it to see your partner achieve that big O? Tell me I’m wrong! :)   

In conclusion, we need to start celebrating masturbation instead of shaming it. I can’t think of any good reason why learning about your own body or your partner's body is shameful. Embrace, explore, and most importantly, ENJOY!