Guess who's back?

Guess who's back?

Guess who's back?

Guess who’s back? Back again? POP is back! Tell a friend! Hello to all loyal POP enthusiasts and newcomers alike! We have missed you all so much! As you may or may not know, the first version of this product, The Semenette, was brought to the market in 2013 by founder, Stephanie Berman (me), with the intent of servicing the lesbian community with a new, high-quality product for couples wishing to try and conceive at home.   

Here’s a little more context on that story. I had previously spent 15 years of my career working for my family business which specialized in the distribution of devices used for women’s reproductive health—think IVF, IUI, and basically all the clinical ways of trying to conceive. It was during my career when my wife and I got married and I started looking more closely at all of the options available for conception. As the non-carrying partner, I was feeling a little discouraged by what was available to us. The expense and invasiveness of IVF was something I knew all too well and I knew that was not the right option for us. I really wanted to be more “hands on” and part of the conception process. So, what were our options? Well, it was either a turkey baster or a needleless syringe. Yup. That’s about all that existed.  

So, I started tapping into my resources and knowledge within the reproductive health industry and started thinking about how heterosexual couples conceive and how often people use sex toys in the bedroom. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there was a solution right in front of me; it just didn’t exist quite yet, which was also quite a shock to me. Don’t get me wrong, I found some squirting dildos, but the quality, materials used, and function were not up to the necessary standard when it came to something as sensitive as conception. More research was done, drawings, networking—all of the things to bring my vision to life. Even a prototype was made in my house (that’s a story in itself). After about a year of prototyping, l finally had the end result I was seeking. And it was with that final prototype that my wife and I conceived our first child. I knew the product was solid, but that moment when you realize it actually worked and you’re about to have your first child… that is something I will never forget. More to come on that story in another blog post. But it was at this moment when it all changed for me. 

When The Semenette was launched in the industry in 2014, it was met with open arms.  I had absolutely NO idea that “ejaculating dildo” was one of the highest-searched pleasure product terms on google. Apparently, there were many other folks seeking this product: men with disabilities, those that experience erectile dysfunction, women with vaginal dryness seeking a self-lubricator, serodiscordant couples… the list went on. And those were just the “medical” solutions. We hadn’t even touched upon the fact that there was a whole pleasure aspect to the product! Folks who participate in kink and fetish play, pegging enthusiasts, and even people who used the product to shoot their favorite lube—it was incredible to see how needed this product was.   

POP has been quite a journey for me, personally and professionally. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. Add the fact that POP is an LGBTQ+ woman-owned and operated business in what used to be a very male-dominated industry; it has been challenging at best. I’ve been met with a lot of hurdles and road blocks, but also many wins and successes. In 2017, the product won its first AVN Award (the Oscars of the adult industry) for Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer. It was a huge moment for me! 

Most recently, I partnered with luxury lifestyle brand, Tantus, and am BEYOND excited to be sharing with you a whole new line of POP products! You can expect the same quality and function that we have always prided ourselves on, but with new, updated designs and even more offerings! Here’s a little teaser for you: get ready to see POP Slim, POP Dildo and POP ‘n’ Play! I can’t wait to continue sharing more stories about my journey, the adult industry, and of course, lots of good LGBTQ+ content. If there’s anything you want to hear about, send us an email or join our email list! More to come SOON! 



Stephanie Berman aka Spermin’ Berman