ANME 2023

ANME 2023

ANME 2023

Whoaaaaaaaa, well, I fell off the grid there for a moment. Being a dilly slinger and dilly maker can make for some very busy work days! Pardon my absence, but I’m back and have so many fun things to share with you! I want to start by recapping my most recent trip to ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) which takes place twice a year in Los Angeles. It's fun getting to travel to the west coast at least twice a year as it allows me to get a fix of In-N-Out Burger and a little slice of warm weather (New Englander over here, freezing all the time). On this particular trip, the In-N-Out Burger did not disappoint, however, the weather surely did not cooperate. It was a mix of cold temperatures and monsoons of rain, like the kind that causes mudslides to happen. It wasn’t ideal, but the fact that the weather didn’t cause any travel disruptions made it tolerable.  

This is an event that I always look forward to as it’s the best way to see all of the retailers, buyers, and new toys on the market. You can be sure you will see some sort of new technology and this ANME was no exception. I was especially excited to showcase some new colorways for POP. I had previously done a poll on our Instagram page to test out some color options and see what people wanted and your opinions were heard! We tested out Empire Yellow, Tangelo Orange, and Sage Green, all of which were met with much praise! One of my favorite parts of having a booth at ANME is doing a demo with POP by putting water in it and watching people’s faces when it squirts. It’s squirting dildo bliss!


ANME Pop Dildo New Color Testers Picture | 

Here are a few of the new product highlights for me at the show:

The Magic Wand is iconic and they are known for their creative displays. This year, they had three large inflatable magic wand blowups they called “emotional support wands,” which people could walk around with as their “emotional support.” It was quite the visual.


Magic Wand Inflatable Emotional Support Wants Picture |


The next new technology, coming from Adrien Lastic, was a memory silicone—think memory foam but in silicone form. They call this line Silexd and it was pretty cool to feel it in person as it is different from what I’m used to experiencing in silicone forms.


ANME Adrien Lastic SilexD Dildos Picture |


Tantus was also showcasing some new items, one of which was rope for restraint play. This rope was expertly crafted with 100% polyester making it durable and ideal for all kinds of BDSM play. It also includes tassels at each end for extra added elegance and softness. In addition, Tantus introduced some new colorways in several forms including Emerald, Malachite, and Sapphire. The new colors are striking!

One of the more interesting things I saw was a toy from Maia toys called the Vaporator. It’s a smokeable vibrator! How cool is that? For me personally, I am not someone who vapes and I would also be slightly concerned about putting a device that vapes near my vagina, but hey, maybe that’s just me!  

Finally, there always is a smattering of delightfully odd, unique, and slightly creepy looking dildos such as Creature Cocks, one of which was my favorite that appeared to be modeled after an alligator or lizard? What are your thoughts on these outlandish dillies?


ANME Creature Cocks Dildo Picture |


Overall, it was a great show filled with fun events, networking, and of course, pleasure products galore! Seeing all of these new items always fuels my creative fire and I’m working on lots of new designs and toys to add to the POP line. As you know, products take some time to make, so in the meantime, I’m working on curating some of my top picks that I’ll be adding to our offerings on the POP website. Wanna see my top POP picks? Stay tuned as they will be launching very soon! Until next time…


Stephanie “Spermin” Berman